• Recovery at the Albona

    After an active ski day you have the possibility to visit our wellness area with steam-bath, sole-laconium, numerous saunas and relaxing rooms.

4 Sterne Hotel Albona Ischgl - Wellness

Recovery at the Albona

The heart of the hotel Albona is our cozy wellness area which invites you to recovery.
While steam-bathing or sitting inside one of numerous saunas you can perfectly relax your tired muscles or your stressed soul.
The perfect ending of an eventful day.
4 Sterne Hotel Albona Ischgl - Wellness

Aroma steam-bath

In the Aroma steam bath, you’ll be surrounded by a soft cloud of steam which will have an amazingly beneficial effect on your skin and airways. Spoil yourself by relaxing in the 40-50°C heat.

High humidity and the addition of natural essential oils make using the steam bath a wholly relaxing experience.

Sole – Laconium

The laconicum has Roman origins and is a room where a temperature rise is obtained warming the floor, the walls and the benches. The high temperature and a 50% humidity cause intense perspiration, especially in the parts of the body that need it most.

he temperature, ranging between 55° C and 75° C, causes intense perspiration, thus purifying and detoxifying your body.

Each session, lasting 30 to 40 minutes, will give you a pleasant feeling, and afterwards a cold shower or a rest in the relaxation area will immediately invigorate you.


Enjoy the beneficial effects of the classic wood sauna with temperatures of 90°C – the perfect temperature for sweating out toxic substances.

In a 90°C sauna you will feel the beneficial and relaxing effects of warmth on body and mind.

One sauna session lasts an average of 10 minutes and can be repeated 2-3 times. The basal body temperature is increased to ca. 40 °C – a fever temperature – and in this way metabolises harmful substances within the body.


The Softsauna is the gentle alternative to the classic Finnish Sauna. In the Softsauna there are  60°C, so your body gets slowly heated.

The 40-50% humidity also goes easier on your cardiovascular system than in a classic sauna.

A sauna is a contrast bath, in which the body is heated up and then cooled afterwards with cold water and fresh, cool air.

Relaxation room

Relax your soul in our relaxation room – a perfect ending after an active ski day.

Beauty Solarium

Our sun bank promises excellent tanning effects, outstanding

comfort and high cosmetic safety based on consistent quality assurance.
4 Sterne Hotel Albona Ischgl - Wellness
4 Sterne Hotel Albona Ischgl - Wellness
4 Sterne Hotel Albona Ischgl - Wellness
4 Sterne Hotel Albona Ischgl - Wellness